Angela’s Story: Parenting In The Modern World

VPG Every Family, Parenting Support Atherton, Mareeba & Innisfail

“Every Family has helped me reflect on my parenting and has taught me strategies to parent in the modern world.” ~ Angela, Parent

Like many parents, Angela was experiencing the everyday challenges parents face as they navigate their journey of parenthood. Living in a small coastal town on the Cassowary Coast in Far North Queensland, Angela connected with Every Family to build her support network and enhance her parenting skills and knowledge to help her child and family thrive.

Participating in a series of parenting workshops facilitated by Every Family, Angela gained insight into the social and emotional concerns of her and her little one, helping her develop tools and strategies to positively support the growth and development of her child.

Through the workshop series Angela had the opportunity to reflect on her parenting style, allowing her to develop skills in mindfulness to increase capacity to respond to her child’s behaviour with acceptance and empathy. The notion of self-care also became clear to Angela, and she was able to understand the positive impacts of taking time for herself to recharge.

“We all want to do the best for our children, and Every Family helped me learn more about my child’s emotional behaviour and wellbeing. The workshops really put things into perspective for me and made me realise as parents, we’re not alone with our thoughts and feelings.

“We can become so focused on looking after our little ones, it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves. I now understand how truly important self-care is. I need to keep my cup full so I can fill my child’s with what they need most: love, support and kindness,” said Angela.

She found the program content relevant and reassuring, and believes all parents and caregivers need to be supported on their parenthood journey to succeed.

“There are so many pressures from society to be the perfect parent, often leading to ‘mum-guilt’. I found the content delivered in the workshops to be really refreshing. It steered clear of those traditional comments and views and reminded us that it’s okay to talk about things openly and honestly – it’s okay if your child’s a bit different or if they’re having a tantrum. It reminded me that this is all a normal part of development and helped me gain practical tools to make mum-life a little easier,” said Angela.

“I would definitely recommend Every Family to other parents and caregivers. We are all going through the same things, we all have very similar thoughts, and as much as every parent is in a different situation, we all share similarities on our parenting journey. Every Family is there to help us succeed,” said Angela.

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