Lead by Vocational Partnerships Group Inc. (VPG), and in collaboration with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), Australian Government Employment facilitator, Tamilyn Brennan, and Precedence founder, Nicky Jurd, joined forces to develop a local solution to unemployment – delivering a virtual job matching event for young jobseekers.

The virtual recruitment drive will take place Monday 15 June 2020 and will provide over 100 local jobseekers the opportunity to participate in an online group job interview event for 50+ job vacancies in the Cairns region. The interviews will be conducted via Zoom, connecting jobseekers with employment opportunities in the retail sector.

“With Cairns unemployment rates surging amid the coronavirus pandemic, events like this are particularly important for our economic recovery.

“While companies have been using online recruiting with increasing frequency over recent years, we believe an online group interview matching suitable candidates to roles in various businesses is an Australian first, and we are excited to see Cairns leading the way.” said Australian Government Employment facilitator, Tamilyn Brennan.

VPG CEO, Maryanne Tranter said “The Virtual Job Shop connects local businesses instantly with a pool of motivated and well-prepared candidates.  This innovative approach enables young people to access opportunities whilst supporting local businesses in these changing times.”

12 of VPGs Transition to Work participants were preselected for the event. These young jobseekers have undergone intensive pre-employment training, arming them with the necessary skills and capabilities to succeed.

With all local employment providers invited to participate, jobseekers across Cairns will have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The ARA will review the event to determine if the method can be adopted in recruitment strategies across Australia.


For further information or media interviews please contact:

Jenna Happy – VPG Communications Officer – mob: 0418 982 912

email: jenna@vpginc.com.au