Fear-Less Parenting Program Empowers Families in Mareeba

In the heart of Mareeba, a small community with a big heart, parents and caregivers have found a new source of strength and understanding through the Triple-P Fear-Less Parenting Program delivered by VPG Every Family. Natasha, a devoted mother of two girls, Lillie and Grace, discovered the transformative power of the program and has been inspired to share her journey.

Natasha, who resides in Mareeba, knows the challenges of parenting all too well. With her husband Steve’s job in Cairns, a 2-hour round trip, her days are often filled with juggling responsibilities, caring for her children, and maintaining a strong family bond. When she heard about the Triple P Fear-Less Parenting Workshops offered by VPG Every Family at St Thomas’s School, she saw an opportunity to gain valuable insights and tools for navigating the complex world of parenting.

VPG Every Family understands the modern demands of family life, so the workshops were held after hours. This thoughtful approach allowed parents like Natasha and Steve, who manage work commitments, to participate and engage fully without any scheduling conflicts. The couple appreciated the flexibility and the chance to attend together, united in their commitment to their children’s well-being.

Reflecting on the convenience of the program, Natasha shared, “The after-hour sessions were perfect as otherwise I probably couldn’t attend. My husband was able to join in too as they had the kids covered with care as well.”

The Triple P Fear-Less Parenting Program is designed to provide parents with a comprehensive set of skills to support their children’s emotional resilience and anxiety management. Through three enlightening sessions, Natasha learned to recognize the difference between challenging behaviour and misunderstood emotions. She shared her insights, saying, “The sessions helped so much in slowing down again and recognizing what is difficult behaviour, to what was just misunderstood emotions and how best to navigate helping my children rather than getting more upset myself.”

Natasha’s journey is a testament to the positive outcomes of the program. She expressed her newfound sense of connection within her family, revealing, “I feel we can be a more understanding, connected family now. We still have our challenges, but we are able to use the practical strategies as much as we can, count and breathe, and taking the time is the best investment you can give your children. Why not give it fear-lessly?!”

When asked about recommending the program to others, Natasha’s conviction was resolute. “I highly recommend the program to other caregivers and parents as all the information is put in easy-to-understand, example-given ways that make it easy to recognize in your own situation and then feel empowered to make a positive change at home,” she passionately shared.

The impact of the program was so profound that Natasha felt compelled to write a heartfelt letter of thanks to VPG Every Family and the school leadership team. She expressed her gratitude for the partnership that brought this program to their community, highlighting the dedication the VPG Every Family program coordinator, and the school staff who went above and beyond to facilitate the workshops. Natasha’s letter of thanks emphasized the importance of acknowledging the support offered and the benefits reaped by the parents and children who experienced anxiety within the community.

In her letter, Natasha said, “I wish to acknowledge an extremely beneficial partnership and thank both parties between the school leadership group and VPG Every Family. I personally found the reminders of strategies (some that I had forgotten) and the use of language around talking to our children about anxiety extremely beneficial.”

As Natasha’s story demonstrates, the Triple P Fear-Less Parenting Program delivered by VPG Every Family is not just about managing anxiety – it’s about fostering resilience, empathy, and a stronger bond within families. With the guidance of VPG Every Family and their commitment to empowering parents, positive change is rippling through the Mareeba community, making it stronger, more connected, and fear-less.

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