FNQ Youth Employment Body

fnq youth employment

FNQ Youth Employment Body

The FNQ Youth Employment Body (FNQYEB) is an employer led collaborative group which brings together local leaders to create and strengthen pathways that intentionally support young people into meaningful jobs, now and into the future.

The FNQYEB strives to:

  • Harness community effort via a coordinated and specialised focus on youth employment
  • Draw on the expertise of industry, education and training stakeholders, employment service providers, government and community organisations to create a robust understanding of the drivers of youth unemployment and inform solutions to local barriers
  • Provide a mechanism for industry to voice feedback and advocate for support on local issues inhibiting youth labour market participation
  • Broker collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships between organisations to create opportunities to address skills gaps and shortages and provide meaningful entry level employment and education opportunities for young people in FNQ
  • Participate in relevant research and evaluation activities that contribute to the development of best practice models and provide evidence to inform youth unemployment advocacy initiatives at a local and national level.

Working alongside VPG, the FNQYEB aims to achieve these objectives via a Youth Employment Action Plan, built on community priorities and data, to design local strategies and solutions that have national reach.

The FNQYEB forms a crucial local structure of the National Youth Employment Body, which has the ambition of aligning local and national investments in employment, industry, education and training, to inform and strengthen a coordinated, multi-sectoral response to youth unemployment and is coordinated by the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

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