On the PaTH to a successful future in aged care

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Working with VPG, Retarna, Norma and Yulana gained the qualifications, skills and confidence required to take on a PaTH Internship at a local aged care facility in their home community of Yarrabah.

Through individual career counselling, the participants were identified as strong candidates to achieve employment success within aged care – demonstrating a deep respect and appreciation for their elders and displaying desirable qualities to work within the industry.

With well-established connections and an innate understanding of the local labour market, VPG collaborated with local employment service Wugu Nyambil and Mutkin Residential Aged Care to address skills shortages and provide greater education opportunities in the community.

Working together, the partnership established increased demand for the delivery of a Certificate III in Individual support, and Registered Training Organisation MiHaven was engaged to increase capacity for course delivery, creating opportunities for VPG and Wugu Nyambil participants to access.

As early school leavers, Retarna, Norma and Yulana received coaching to build their confidence to undertake further education and were supported to enrol in the course. Their dedication and commitment throughout their studies was admirable, and a newfound motivation to pursue their career aspirations was established.

Requiring the completion of 120 hours of work placement, VPG brokered a 6-week PaTH Internship at Mutkin Residential Aged Care, providing an opportunity for Retarna, Norma and Yulana to demonstrate their capabilities, develop vocational skills and improve their future employment prospects.

The participants were supported to fulfill all requirements prior to commencement of the internships – including support completing enrolment documentation, obtaining yellow cards, and accessing transport assistance and job specific clothing.

Mutually beneficial to the employer, the internships have provided the opportunity for Mutkin Residential Aged Care to trial potential candidates, offering financial incentive to offer adequate training and mentoring to the interns.

The participants have been praised by the host employer for their dedication, efforts, and contributions to date. With two weeks of placement ahead, the participants are hopeful to secure future employment past the internship period.

VPG is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure the participants are well supported within the workplace, maximising their potential to succeed.

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