The RespectMe student program is targeted at lower secondary students and incorporates a variety of topics pertaining to respectful relationships including:

  • Gender stereotypes & media literacy
  • Relationship rights and responsibilities
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Sexual ethics & consent
  • Bystander behaviour

How can schools use RespectMe?

RespectMe is designed to give schools flexibility when integrating the activities into their curriculum. Schools may integrate the program into existing learning areas such as HPE or English, in other less curriculum-specific areas, such as Valuing Education or Life Skills programs or through end of term activity days. Schools may choose to purchase the full program delivered weekly over 5 sessions or via a full day format. Alternatively schools may choose specific stand-alone sessions delivered during a class or ½ days sessions.

The Australian Curriculum

Schools are required to provide learning experiences that develop the personal and social capabilities of their students such as recognising & regulating emotions, developing empathy for others, making responsible decisions and building positive relationships. Explicit in the RespectMe program is the teaching of these required skills and behaviours. RespectMe also has strong curriculum links with Health and Physical Education and includes an assessment task and resources informed by the current curriculum documents for year nine. There is potential for synergy between RespectMe and other school curriculum which can be developed to meet individual school needs.

How do schools register?

Schools can register their interest at any time by emailing and requesting a consult.

School Testimonial

“With the year levels that have participated in this program over two years, we have experienced a drop in the number of students bullying each other and reporting inappropriate behaviours. Students are taught about their rights and responsibilities in relationships and this supports our whole school values”. H. Carne Atherton State High School.

Information for students

Visit the RespectMe Website to read blogs, FAQ, polls, quizzes and links.

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