Respectful Relationships & Consent Education

RespectMe is a free best-practice respectful relationships, consent and violence prevention education program. Informed by the National standards for the primary prevention of sexual assault through education, the RespectMe program utilises a whole of school and community approach, working with primary and secondary school students, school staff, community agencies and young people to raise awareness of ethical behaviour and develop knowledge and skills around the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence.

Violence prevention and respectful relationships education is an important focus of the State Governments new sexual violence support responses and is being prioritised in acknowledgement of the prevalence of sexual violence in Far North Queensland. VPG is a leader in respectful relationships and consent education and has been successfully delivering RespectMe to local primary and secondary schools since 2012.

What is Junior RespectMe?

Junior RespectMe is targeted at Year 6 & 7 students and is designed to strengthen children’s skills in developing and nurturing positive relationships as they transition into adolescence. The program aims to increase the capacity of children and young people to:

• Recognise and maintain healthy and respectful relationships
• Recognise and respond to situations that may not be respectful
• Promote respect for all

Download the Junior RespectMe brochure and Parent Information flyer for more information.

What is RespectMe?

RespectMe is targeted at Year 9 & 10 students and aims to increase the capacity of young people to:
• Know and understand consent and what constitutes respectful relationships
• Recognise their rights and responsibilities in relationships
• Recognise and deconstruct the proliferation of sexual imagery
• Contextualise their exposure to pornography
• Identify the early warning signs of sexual and intimate partner violence
• Access and seek support

Download the RespectMe brochure for more information.

How young people can get involved

Young people can help to lead education and change within their community by getting involved in our RespectMe Peer Action Groups. Young people can self-nominate and participate in skilling activities to build their knowledge, whilst working together to create a safe community for all children and young people. Supported by VPG, young people may:

• Plan whole school/community projects to raise awareness
• Foster safe school cultures free of violence/gender stereotypes
• Provide peer education and mentoring


RespectMe is an initiative of VPG and is proudly funded by the Queensland Government Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Visit the RespectMe Website to read blogs, FAQ, polls, quizzes and links.

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