Work Experience

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Work Experience

Work experience gives young people a valuable and rewarding insight into their future career path. It affords young people a better understanding of the world of work, and a chance to develop their technical and general employability skills. One week of meaningful and worthwhile work experience can make a lifetime’s difference.

VPG facilitates high quality unpaid work placements for youth, schools, agencies and employers. VPG have been coordinating work placements within Far North Queensland for 24 years, partnering with over 5,000 local employers.

Work Experience Benefits for Students:

  • Road test a career/industry
  • Gain a realistic idea of the positive and negative parts of jobs
  • Obtain current careers information by asking staff questions, such as what they like best about their job, how they ended up in their line of work, and
    what qualifications they have
  • Find out what subjects/courses would be best for you to study
  • Build networks with local employers
  • Develop core work skills and experience that can lead to employment

Work Experience Benefits for Employers:

  • Raise your business profile and promote your industry
  • Strengthen your links with the community
  • Identify young people with potential for your industry
  • Promote the attitudes and skills you desire in your workforce
  • Increase the training and mentoring skills of your staff
  • Help make learning more relevant and meaningful for students

To learn more about work experience opportunities with VPG, contact Emma Takai on 40321677 or

Thank you to Trinity Bay Student Tapas for sharing his thoughts on work experience in the video below, and thank you to Employer Champion Jane Hanan, Director at Clarke & Prince, Architects for sharing her perspective as a host via the blog article – Work Experience & Why It Matters

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