Workplace learning bolsters Vocational Education & Training success

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Embarking on his senior years at school, Saxon committed to a Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathway to fast-track his success securing a trade.

Participating in the Trade Training Program at St Mary’s Catholic College, he is undertaking accredited training to gain practical skills and knowledge to support his employment aspirations.

A typical week at school for Saxon takes a non-traditional approach. Working towards a Queensland Certificate of Education, he attends school three days a week, undertakes one day of training, and spends his final day completing structured workplace learning with local marine specialists, Neptune Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

Saxon enjoys the hands-on experience and diverse learning environment the VET pathway provides, and believes the structured workplace learning component takes his training to new heights.

“At school I get to learn basic skills relevant to my training, like welding, wiring and woodwork, which I can then use here in the workplace more confidently.

“Working at Neptune one day a week, I’ve gained experience, learnt heaps of things on the job, and I now have a much better understanding of how things actually work. It’s given me a huge head start to my future,” said Saxon.

Managing Director at Neptune Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Jeremy Spence believes learning in the workplace is also beneficial to the business.

“Having Saxon with us not only means we have an extra set of hands-on deck, but it’s also a great way for us to screen potential candidates for future recruitment.

“Saxon is only in Year 11 and he’s excellent. He’s capable and smart, and we can already see that he will be an outstanding tradesman in the future,” said Jeremy.

Saxon’s commitment and dedication in the workplace have paid off, and he has recently been signed up for a school-based apprenticeship.

“Most people will finish school and then start their careers, but now I can finish school with my certificates, and already be working towards my trade,” said Saxon.

Connecting students with meaningful workplace learning opportunities to support the school-based VET program, is community-based organisation Vocational Partnerships Group (VPG).

Operations Manager at VPG, Emma Takai says the combination of structured workplace learning and school-based training works.

“Learning in the workplace creates strong synergies for students engaged in the VET program. It provides access to on-the-job training and an opportunity to gain real world experience and skills as students prepare for their transition from education into a trade after they finish school.

“The value of workplace learning is immense to both students and employers alike. It has proven time and time again to successfully kick start a young person’s career, and on the flip side, employers are able to identify potential young talent to build a skilled and motivated workforce,” said Ms Takai.

Saxon will enter Year 12 in 2023 having commenced his school-based apprenticeship. He is excited to be on track to achieving a successful future in trade.

If you are local employer interested in learning more about workplace learning opportunities, or hosting a student, we’d love to hear from you.

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